Free Xbox LIVE Gold Codes: Truth or Myth

First two months after you purchase Xbox, you will get so addicted to online gaming that you can’t live without it. The reason why Microsoft gives you free Xbox LIVE Gold Codes is to introduce you to this virtual dreamland .The problem starts once the trial period is over. You will be desperate to get Xbox LIVE Codes at any cost. This is where Microsoft cash in from your pockets. However Xbox LIVE Gold Codes are quite expensive. Your parents may not allow you to spend that much amount of money just for online gaming. You may not be able to afford so much. So every Xbox user will invariably have one question in his mind. Can I get free Xbox LIVE Gold Codes?

The answer is yes. Here are some of the ways by which you can get free Xbox LIVE codes. First of all there are many games that come with a 48 hours free trial period. However you will not be satisfied with 48 hours. On rare occasions Microsoft will give you some free games and Xbox LIVE Codes. To mark Fifth anniversary of Xbox LIVE Microsoft provided all its subscribers with a game called CARACASSONNE for 48 hours. There are few instances when Xbox LIVE service was down due to technical problems. Microsoft compensated its users by providing various free games and add-ons. However such occasions are very rare and  regular gamers don’t gain much from them.

So when you search for free Xbox LIVE Gold codes online you will get more than 2 million results. Which one should you trust? Here are some of the websites that actually help you to get free Xbox LIVE Gold Codes. The first one is website is very easy to use. It is totally free. You do not need to provide any credit card information. There are only three simple steps. Firstly you have to register with the site. You can also connect using your face book account. It only takes ten seconds to sign up. You will get 10 bonus points on registration. You must remember that these points are different from Microsoft points. Next step is to select surveys and offers. There will be a wide range of surveys available on the site. You can select any one for free and spend a little time in completing those surveys. You will not get Xbox LIVE Codes instantly. You need to complete many surveys before you can get them. For each survey you will get specified amount of points. Once you reach 200 points on you can then swap these to get real cash vouchers. You must request for Xbox LIVE codes. These will be sent to you via the email address you provide during registration process. Last step is to input these codes into your Xbox LIVE account and continue enjoying the benefits of Xbox LIVE Gold membership. There is no money requested by the website in any stage. This is a wonderful method to get free Xbox LIVE codes. All you need is a little time and patience.